Academic Contributions

  • Postgraduate teacher for the last 34 years including Ph.D. program
  • Trained and produced more than 25 postgraduates under his guidance
  • Development of super specialty Urology department
  • As a senate member of the state’s health university helped to introduce changes in the medical syllabus and designed new courses
  • Presented his work in many national and international conferences and indexed journals
  • Published research books which are roadmaps for researchers in herbal medicine

Organizational Contributions

  • Established the Urological Society of Pune
  • President of the Urological Society of India (WZ)
  • Council member and Convener – the Urological society of India
  • Organized many conferences and surgical training workshops

Surgical Contributions

  • Devised own surgical techniques to handle difficult surgical conditions
  • Introduced many new innovative surgical technologies in the field of urology in the country
  • Introduced successful kidney transplant program in government medical college

Research Contributions

  • Probably the first urologist to receive a research grant for herbal drug development from DSIR, Govt. of India
  • Scientific validation and globalization of Ayurveda
  • Devised unique drug formulations for kidney and wound healing disorders, probably the first of its kind in herbal drugs
  • Research on cost-effective technologies -3D Vision System and Multi-functional instrument for minimally invasive surgeries
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