Kidney Stone


Symptoms of Kidney Stone

Sometimes stone can be silent without causing any pain and keeps on growing in size. A small crystal of stone can become a large sized stone occupying the whole kidney.

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Kidney Stone Treatment in Pune- ACE Hospital

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Treat kidney stone when they are of few mili-meters before they grow into centimeters. (Above images are real kidney stones)
Sometimes if proper treatment is not taken the kidney can be damaged and may need removal. Hence early and preventive treatment is vital and plays a significant role. Kidney stone symptoms can't be recognized unless the stone starts moving in the kidney or when it moves into the ureter which is a tube that connects the kidney and the bladder. When either of this takes place, one can experience the following signs.
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Persistent need to urinate
  • Urinating more often than usual
  • Fever and chills if an infection is present
  • Urinating in small amounts
  • Severe pain in the side and back, below the ribs
  • Pain that radiates to the lower abdomen and groin
  • Pain that comes in waves and fluctuates in intensity
  • Pain on urination
  • Pink, red or brown urine
  • Cloudy or foul-smelling urine

Watch formation of a Kidney Stone


Root Cause

  • Poor Diet

Improper and poor diet is a prominent contributor that results in the formation of kidney stone. The lifestyle these days has brought monumental changes in the eating habits of almost all of us. Today fast foods, consumption of animal fat and proteins in an excessive amount has become a part of the diet for many.

  • Dehydration

Low intake of fluids that ultimately results in dehydration is the root cause of kidney stone formation. Lack of fluids, especially water causes an increase in the risk of concentration of minerals in the kidney. The minerals start to deposit and later concentrate and then crystallize which eventually leads to the formation of stones.

  • Obesity

One of the major causes of kidney stones is obesity. Obesity is in direct relation with poor diet. Obesity causes strain on the overall body and also the biochemical systems.

  • Hereditary Disorder

Another prominent cause of kidney stones is the hereditary genetic disorder. The disorder in the genes can lead to improper metabolism to absorb substances into the bones and other tissues. The excess calcium which remains in the body will in sometime club together resulting in the formation of kidney stones.

  • Infections

Kidney stones are also caused due to some of the infections that can block or alter the flow of fluids in the body. Specifically, if the flow of the urine is affected, mineral deposition in the urinary tract results into kidney stones.

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