Subap Plus


Subap Plus – Proven Herbal remedy for kidney stone

Based on the ancient & renowned science of life Ayurveda, and the scientifically validated research of Prof. Dr Suresh Patankar (Urologist) of more than 20 years, SUBAP PLUS came into existence. All investigations were carried out to ensure the safety of the product using guidelines accepted at the national and global level by conducting heavy metal estimation, microbial count and animal studies.

Based on clinical experience the proposed action of Subap plus is :

  1. It reduces the size and helps in expulsion of stones of size up to 9 mm.
  2. Rectification of underlying metabolic cause and increases citrate excretion preventing further stone formation and recurrence.
  3. It helps to reduce the density of stone, making it softer.
  4. Helps in preventing stone formation.
  5. It is supplementary medicine for all stone cases which require all types of invasive & non-invasive treatment.
  6. It also helps improve kidney damage caused by the stone.

For this novel preparation, Prof. Dr Suresh Patankar has received both US & European patents. This medicine is now available in the market for the benefit of the population at large.

Packing: 30 tablets of 500 mg each

Dose: 1 tablet twice after meals or as directed by a Physician.

Subap plus is prepared from the combination of Varun, Aghada, Yav and Banana. The scientific study of Subap & Subap plus has been presented at prestigious national & international medical conferences & in scientific indexed journals. The said formulation has been used in about more than 2000 patients for a duration ranging from 1 month to 14 months in following types of patients:

• Small asymptomatic non-obstructive stones, residual fragments following endourological procedures, recurrent stone formers, post stent patients and inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract as a supplementary medicine with conventional treatment.

• No side effects have been noted, patient compliance was excellent.

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